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“Keeping innovation and win-win cooperation" --- 2019 Modern Chinese Medicine Innovation Center's work summary and 2020 planning report meeting was successfully held

       The meeting was chaired by Chairman Song Xinbo and Academician Zhang Boli, member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and president of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, was invited to attend the meeting. Ms. Guo Baolin, a researcher of the Institute of Medicinal Plants of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Mr. Guo Zhixin, an expert on internationalization of Chinese medicine, and Dean Li Zheng, Dean of the School of Pharmaceutical Engineering, Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, attended the ceremony.

      General Manager Wang Ping, following the theme of “Keeping innovation and win-win cooperation”, reported on the work results of the Modern Chinese Medicine Innovation Center in 2019 and the company's strategic development plan. The general manager summarized that through the unremitting efforts and active innovation of all employees in 2019, the Modern Chinese Medicine Innovation Center achieved continuous profitability. The "Tianjin Modern Chinese Medicine Center Innovation Capability Construction Project" was carried out with the strong support of the Industrial Information Bureau. The Modern Chinese Medicine Innovation Center also established platforms for classic and famous prescription researches, intelligent green manufacturing, as well as new technology development and innovation. In addition, the Chinese medicine international cooperation project was launched and the academician expert workstation was awarded a license in October 2019. In 2020, the Modern Chinese Medicine Innovation Center will accelerate the pace of development, continue to innovate, make full efforts to improve the building of innovation capabilities, and promote the innovation and development of modern Chinese medicine.

      Liu Dailin, the chief scientist of the Economic Development Department, and Liu Changqing, the senior manager of the Green Intelligent Manufacturing Department, gave wonderful reports on the key technology research achievements in 2019 and on the 2020 work plan.

     After hearing the report, Academician Zhang Boli first expressed his affirmation of the work results, and expressed his high recognition for the company's outstanding achievements in the initial stage. "Don't forget the original intention and speed up the construction", Academician Zhang Boli made detailed comments on the company's existing work and provided strategic guidance for the future development direction.

                                                            Academician Zhang Boli gave strategic guidance

                                                              Chairman Song Xinbo presided over the meeting

      General Manager Wang Ping, on behalf of the company, made a summary of the work in 2019 and a report on the company's development strategy

                        Liu Dailin made a report on the work of Economic Development Department

                       Liu Changqing reported on the work of the Green Intelligent Manufacturing Department

      The unveiling ceremony of the academician expert workstation was held at the meeting.

       In 2019, the Innovation Center was approved by the Academician Zhang Boli's expert workstation, marking that the Innovation Center has taken a new step in the secondary development of large varieties of Chinese medicine and the industry-university-research cooperation. In 2020, the Innovation Center will continue to carry out research and development and supply of key common technologies under the guidance of Academician Zhang Boli, cultivate a team of innovative talents, and strengthen the ability of independent innovation of enterprises.

        Academician Zhang Boli, Director Guo Zhixin and Teacher Guo Baolin unveiled the academician expert workstation

     In 2019, many advanced examples have emerged in various positions in the Innovation Center. They were willing to innovate, had the courage to innovate, and also actively played an exemplary role. The company praised and awarded the advanced individuals in 2019.

    Strategic reports are pragmatic and encouraging. As an innovator of modern Chinese medicine, I feel strongly that the innovation process of the past year has not come easily, and I am also excited to hear the prelude to the struggle of 2020.

    In 2019, the Modern Chinese Medicine Innovation Center actively infused new blood with innovative ability. After this conference, the wonderful programs performed by the staff passionately demonstrated the style and vitality of the company's employees.


    Colleagues from the Development Department of the Economic Development Department carried out the "Food Lecture Hall" to show their research and development of functional foods, letting us pay more attention to food health.


     Passionate recitations, funny cross talks, and singing sounds were screened in turn, presenting a rich audiovisual feast for everyone. The whole party was exciting and the applause and laughter kept coming and going.

      Just fight for the day and night, and live up to youth! In 2020, let the pursuit of dreams continue to burst out, achieve dreams with hard work, and win the future with hard work! In 2020, we still have to work hard, continue to sweat and innovate on the road to dream!